May 16, 2006

Soccer, Scott and Shyamalan

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Apparently it's been over a month since I last posted. My present plan, which will hopefully lead to more posts, is to blog shorter and more often, with a sort of "daily dose" of good things on the Web. So here goes.

The World Cup starts on June 9. This magnificent event causes me to wish that I had cable and was not an American (although, if the US makes an impressive showing, I'll be bursting with patriotism). I've been preparing myself by watching the outrageous goal Steven Gerrard scored in the FA Cup Final, and consoling myself with the hope that all of this year's impressive World Cup goals will be up on You Tube in a matter of hours.

The Times has decided that Beloved is the "Best Work of American Fiction of the Last 25 Years." Also receiving lots of votes: Underworld, Blood Meridian, American Pastoral, and Updike's Rabbit cycle. A. O. Scott talks about how and why.

In Slate, Tyler Cowen argues that indy bookstores are overrated. I disagree.

Apple is making an iPhone, and I would like one as soon as possible. (Also: it seems they'll be announcing a new product on Thursday–most likely indeed it is a Macbook.)

And, while I'm as wary of the new M. Night movie as the rest of you, the new poster is awfully sweet:


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