May 24, 2006

The Gore Movie

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Quite a bit of stuff on major sites today about Al Gore's new movie, An Inconvenient Truth. The Times has an extremely favorable write-up, Slate's Gregg Easterbrook criticizes the film's "carelessness about moral argument," and Salon wonders if Gore will run for president in 2008.

My fear is that watching the movie will lead to regret, weariness, and even depression — similar to what happened when I watched the unrealized Spike Jonze campaign video a few months ago. This man could, indeed should, have been President. And the hope that a movie like this can "make a difference" in the course of world affairs is misguided, I fear. From the Salon article:

I'd like to believe that a public figure can speak truth at this level — including the discourse-rotting fact that politicians of both parties are so stuffed with corporate money that they've preferred to ignore this issue — while remaining politically viable. But I'm not sure that's possible now, if it ever was. Gore speaks hopefully of a time when America, by far the most wasteful nation in the world and the biggest contributor to global warming, will face this potentially devastating crisis with a little forthright Yankee techno-ingenuity. But that day, he admits, has not come yet and may not come soon.

Other things:

Some folks in Northhampton hosted an "“Everything your kid doesn’t want you to know about sex, drugs, alcohol, and MySpace.com” event last night at Council Rock High School-South. One parent's response: “I had no clue what half of that stuff was. I’m going to talk to him about this on the way home tonight.” Great idea

graphpaper.com fascinatingly charts NYC Morning Subway Demographics.

This guy almost got shot while playing WoW in his apartment. If is wasn't for livejournal and photobucket, how would I know about this?

Baghdad Blog to become a film. Hopefully this will lead to more movies about blogging. I say this in deadly earnest.

Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus does a different sort of performance calculation concerning Barry Bonds's homerun totals.

Marie-Antoinette screened this morning at Cannes, and was booed.

Jeffrey Wells didn't like it either (his in-depth response is a fine read):

I don't know how to avoid calling this an absolute p.r. disaster for the film, which has the ironical distinction of being almost completely devoid of interest (unless handsome photography, authentic sets and knockout 19th Century garb and a first-rate Rip Torn performance are enough for you) and yet rather well made.

This will certainly rank as a stain upon Coppola's reputation, as she has arguably made the shallowest and dullest historical biopic of all time.

Even if the movie does turn out to be dull, it still produced one of the greatest trailers of all time.


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  1. That movie will have Jason Schwartzman and a very possibly topless Kirsten Dunst. If that isn’t enough to get people into a theatre, I don’t what is.

    Comment by Jeff Martin — May 24, 2006 @ 12:43 pm

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