May 25, 2006

Marie Antoinette

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Wow, so much great stuff today…

Yesterday I mentioned that Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette was booed Wednesday morning at Cannes. Today plenty of sites carried this story, with updates and commentary:

Coppola film booed (The Guardian) Kirsten Dunst says of Coppola: "She speaks greatly to women my age. She's the only one making movies about women in this way."

Off with her head! (Salon): "This impressionistic take on the 18th century Bourbon court is lots of fun as far as it goes. But you can only set one court minuet to Siouxsie's 'Hong Kong Garden,' and one all-night party to New Order's 'Ceremony,' before the intoxication starts to wear off. Coppola lacks the committed, demented genius Baz Luhrmann brought to 'Moulin Rouge,' and when 'Marie Antoinette' isn't being crazy and decadent it becomes a bit too pretty, proper and trivial for my taste."

More commentary and a discussion about movie criticism on Hollywood Elsewhere: "the bland thoughtlessness that lies at the center of it — the complete shucking of the elements that give her story resonance — is rancid."

let them totally eat cake (Nerve): "This is undeniably a flawed, sometimes frustrating film, but it's so much more ambitious and interesting than a conventional biopic — even a fairly decent one, like the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth — that I found myself rooting for it in spite of its thinness and clumsiness."

Other Things:

Not sure why I didn't know about artistic interpretations of literary figures before this morning. A tremendous site. Check out Don Quixote as drawn by Will Eisner:

A high-school student in Illinois has been threatened with expulsion because of the criticisms of the school district he posted on his Xanga. Thing is, he didn't plot an attack, or even say anything particularly nasty — he just accused the school of bullying him. So they snapped back by bullying him some more.

The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society (one of my favorite blogs) has a piece today about Bat Bombs, which apparently were nearly used in WWII. So cool:

More Bat Bomb info here and here.

On this site, you can Vote for the World's Ugliest Dog. They're all incredibly ugly, but in this case you have to root for the hometown hero: Pee Wee Martini from Fishtown (of course he's from Fishtown). What's most interesting about all this, however, is the fact that someone hacked the voting and deleted 30,000 of "Mr. Peepers's" votes. Really.

Slate is in the midst of a "pulp fiction week," and asked some designers to create pulp style covers for some classics. Like this:


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