June 1, 2006


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Despite the fact that I’ve been surfing even more than usual today, it was a light day on the Internet — at least in my small corner.

Yesterday’s photo from the set of Spiderman 3 tickled my fancy — but this scanned image of a page from today’s New York Post is even better:

(click to enlarge)

Pay no attention to the speculation that “the black suit may only be an aesthetic choice.” The degree of secrecy surrounding Topher Grace’s casting, and the studio’s until just recently refusal to announce that Grace was playing Eddie Brock, makes it all delightfully clear: Venom.

If you think this post is touch nerdy, we’re only getting started.

Some folks, obviously unsatisfied with traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors (even when it’s sponsored by PBR), have developed a new way to play: RPS-25. That’s right, 25 different hand-gestures, charted out, with a distinct method of speaking the throws.

I would have a hard time not wanting to throw a Dragon, and then pointing out how ridiculous it is that the Dragon is beaten by Bowl, Air, and Cockroach.

And finally, enough social-web theory to make your head spin: del.icio.us discover. The point of this lovely essay is that even though social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us and digg do allow users to see sites they wouldn’t otherwise by ranking them according to popularity, it would be possible to create a matrix in which users who had very similar interests — even though they weren’t popular with the entire network — to share websites. If you get bogged down with all the detail, just look at the graphs — they’re beautiful:

I hope the folks at del.icio.us are reading this (I’m sure they will) and planning to make some changed based on his recommendations.


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