June 6, 2006

Meet Kyle Drabek

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One final link about whether the 2004 election was messed up: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Farhad Manjoo face off. Some clarity acheived here — but not a lot.

John Updike's Terrorist is out, and Michiko Kakutani hates it. Kakutani is notoriously hard to please, and she has a history of dishing out nasty prose and upsetting well-established writers. For example:

Unfortunately, the would-be terrorist in this novel turns out to be a completely unbelievable individual: more robot than human being and such a cliché that the reader cannot help suspecting that Mr. Updike found the idea of such a person so incomprehensible that he at some point abandoned any earnest attempt to depict his inner life and settled instead for giving us a static, one-dimensional stereotype.

So take that for what you will. I must say though, this review confirms some of my earlier suspicions.

If you're looking for a pet which is also actually a plant, these are adorable:

[via Popgadget]

And now for one of my favorite stories in recent memory.

This afternoon, with the 18th pick in the amateur draft, the Phillies selected Kyle Drabeck. Kyle is the 18-year-old son of a former Cy Young Award winner, the mustachioed Doug Drabek. According to Rotoworld, "Kyle is considered one of the top handful of talents in the entire draft. He fell this far due to some concerns over his off-field behavior, but he was too promising for the Phillies to pass up at No. 18." According to his MySpace page, Kyle's heroes are: "Xzibit, Jim Abbott, Michael Angelo, my dad."

That's right, the Phillies new talent has a MySpace page. Fortunately for him, he's better looking than his dad; fortunately for us, his MySpace is hilarious, complete with a dozen quiz results, some drunk/stoned pictures of the prospect, and the obligatory Chuck Norris joke. Of course, his girlfriend occupies first place in his Top 8. My my.

Thanks to Philadelphia Will Do for the excellent discovery.


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