June 22, 2006


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Since it's been so long, I've accumulated a nice pile of excellence.

Let's start with this delightful picture of Tom Cruise, taken this week in Japan:

I must admire his consistency.

Check this out (it's from a "woodcuts of modern movies" post):

All of the woodcuts are marvelous, and I can recognize some of them — but others are a complete mystery. Any ideas?

  • Watch this video of Buzz Aldrin punching an obnoxious conspiracy theorist in the face. If I were him, and was continually accused of perpetuating the greatest hoax in history, I would be pissed too.
  • And then there's this list of the Top 10 Hybrid Animals. The pictured liger is colossal.

The Consumer Electronics Association is running an ad in a Capitol Hill magazine reminding lawmakers that entertainment conglomerates (like the RIAA and MPAA) have always freaked out whenever a new technology emerges. The most famous example of this was the VCR, which the MPAA was certain would destroy television forever. The ad [PDF] features four quotes from industry reps. Here's one:

"When the manufacturers hand the public a license to record at home…not only will the songwriter tie a noose around his neck, not only will there be no more records to tape [but] the innocent public will be made an accessory to the destruction of four industries."
-ASCAP on the Cassette Tape (1982)

Obviously, none of this happened.

Seed Magazine has posted an article entitled "The Gay Animal Kingdom" which features Joan Roughgarden, a biology professor who analyzes homosexual behavior in animal societies and thinks Darwin's principle of sexual selection is wrong. Basically, she argues that, instead of being transgressive and anti-survival, homosexual behavior increases a species survival chance by forming a strong social bond:

According to Roughgarden, gayness is a necessary side effect of getting along. Homosexuality evolved in tandem with vertebrate societies, in which a motley group of individuals has to either live together or die alone. In fact, Roughgarden even argues that homosexuality is a defining feature of advanced animal communities, which require communal bonds in order to function. "The more complex and sophisticated a social system is," she writes, "the more likely it is to have homosexuality intermixed with heterosexuality."

Read the entire article; it's well-written and thought-provoking.

I would highly recommend that you subscribe to the Flickr group Stick Figures in Peril. It's active, highly-amusing, and features lots of delightful shots like this one:



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  1. If you’re going to ask MySpace to change, you might as well ban chat rooms, Yahoo! communities…hell, the entire Internet. If parents are too stupid to teach their kids proper computer usage, frivolous “20/20 hindsight” lawsuits might just see the Internet come crashing down around us.

    People are stupid.

    Comment by Jeff Martin — June 26, 2006 @ 8:40 am

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