June 28, 2006


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Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured a profile of LibraryThing, one of my favorite websites. I use LibraryThing every day, and it’s the bomb. To get a better idea of how it works, check out my profile and catalog.

A collection of strange statues around the world from haha.nu is making its rounds on the web. Here’s my favorite:

On YouTube, watch this Star Wars meets Monty Python video. Good effects, hilarious stuff.


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  1. You have excellent taste in bizarre sculpture. There should be a magazine out there (Mother Jones perhaps?) with a bizarre public sculpture critic retained on staff.

    Great idea on the Feedburner thing. I’m still working out my own tastes for using RSS (at the moment I use the Wizz RSS firefox extension at work and the Akregator KDE app at home on my Linux box), so I appreciate the tip. (LibraryThing promises to occupy too much of my time in the coming days, too.) I’m glad to see you’re actively blogging again–I need to add your feed to my lists. I’ve lost your e-mail address, so I’ll just ask you here–as you can see from the first link on Liberal Populist, I’m contemplating starting up a Pennsylvania blog called “The Keystone” (though I’m not married to that name). I plan to read a variety of local PA papers and use that as the basis for a blog on politics and cultural life in the state. I’d definitely like to make it a group blog. Any chance I could interest you in contributing, even just specifically on Philly stuff? (I’m going to be asking Tebben, too, and if you have other ideas…)

    Comment by Daniel — June 28, 2006 @ 3:32 pm

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