August 8, 2006

Stepping Out

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First of all:

The pope has awesome shoes and — from what it looks like here — he’s taking every opportunity to demonstrate this to the world.


  • Check out this informative and rather handsome artice from the Wall Street Journal on the business of literary translations. I’m pretty fired up about mentioned-in-passing new translation of Camus.
  • We all know how important it is to punctuate correctly, but this is a most extreme example: a rogue comma in a contract written by the Canadian company Rogers Communications Inc. is going to cost them 2.13 million dollars.
  • Amid lots of misfires, there are a few absolute gems in Nerve’s The Hollywood Guide to Infidelity. Their leading example: “Rule #14: It’s possible to be married and faithful, just not in a Woody Allen film.”

Do you like nerdcore? Never heard of it? Check out MC Plus+‘s rhymes about writing code and surfing MySpace. For example, here’s a tight hook:

I’m a gangster nerd, strapping USB
I’m a gangster nerd, you can’t code like me
I’m a chip hop nerd, writing code in C
I’m a chip hop nerd, a rapping Ph.D

My favorite tracks include “Chip Hop Nerd,” “My Space Pimpin'” and “The Empty Sets.” It’s all worthy of a download.

And finally, a bit of Cruise-Zen:

(more here)


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  1. There are two things about this post that are just rad:
    The pope’s shoes (I have a fascination with the papacy. That hat!),
    and little Cruisey trying to pretend that he’s a normal, all-American boy instead of effing insane. Awww…

    Thanks for stopping by, and I will be popping in here from time to time.

    Comment by sniv — August 10, 2006 @ 10:20 pm

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