September 28, 2006

International Volleyball

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Sweet article in the L.A. Weekly, featuring a few hip kids from Wholphin who staged and filmed a game of beach volleyball outside of San Diego. The catch is that they played against two Mexican beachgoers, hitting the ball back and forth across the twenty-foot fence which separates Mexico from California. Nice!


Card Copy

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As a child, I was obsessed with baseball cards. As an adult, I am obsessed with seemingly innocuous copy written on printed products, especially cereal boxes and other food items. I’ve often dreamed of a job where I do nothing but proof and copyedit advertising drivel to free the public from the bad grammar and diction forced upon it by helpless copywriters.

So I don’t know why it never occurred to me to long for a job which combines the two: writing copy for the back of baseball cards. You know, anecdotes about a player’s nickname, when they were drafted — silly things like that. But apparently someone did, and applied for a job at Topps. It apparently sucked. Oh well…

Read all about it on Slate.

(Pictured: a Kevin Mitchell card from the 1987 Topps set. Funny how well I remember this card–probably because of the dynamic action shot.)

Probability 0.0000001%

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Three brilliant short commercials by Bangkok Insurance. [YouTube]

The second is an absolute gem.

September 27, 2006

Booklog: Fun Home

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Fun Home
Alison Bechdel
Read: 9.24.06
Rating: Excellent

I agree with the general tenor of reviews I’ve read on Library Thing: this book is lovely — quite the masterpiece. Fun Home is one of finest combinations of literature and art I have ever encountered. Bechdel’s simple, elegant drawings allow the reader to enter into her family and their house, and her use of “mixed media” gives the comic an authentic, historic feel.

Most impressive to me is the way Bechdel weaves literature and mythology into her book: comparing her father to F. Scott Fitzgerald, and telling her story of sexual discovery through literature. For some people, life and literature are deeply intertwined: this, contrary to much of what we’ve been told, is cause for celebration, not shame — and this is something Bechdel understands deeply.

Best Film of the Past Twenty-Five Years

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One of my favorite film blogs, Andy Horbal’s No More Marriages!, is soliciting votes for a Times-style “What is the single best American fiction film made during the last 25 years?” contest.

Cast your vote here.

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