October 6, 2006

In the Details

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Those of looking for a little insight into the lives of devout Muslims will find much to contemplate on the official website of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. Of particular interest is the Daily Question(s) section, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Today’s entry deals with whether it is permissible to use asthma spray while fasting.

Here’s a sample entry:

Hearing Music Unintentionally

Q: A person works as a trainer and an international referee in some kind of sport. His work could require his presence in clubs where ḥarām kind of music and singing are played. Is it permissible for him to carry on with this work, especially, if it provides him with some income where jobs are hard to come by?
A: There is no harm in this person’s work, albeit it is ḥarām for him to listen to ghinā’ and lahwī music. In circumstances where he is compelled to enter places where the ḥarām type of singing and music are taking place, he is allowed to do so, provided he avoids listening to them. There is, though, no problem in hearing such singing and music involuntarily.

Here’s another (makruh is: “that which is disliked or detestable”):

To Drink Water while Standing

Q: What is the sharī‘ah order with respect to drinking water while standing?
A: At night, it is makrūh to drink water while standing.

Be sure to click on the FAQ and Newly Asked Questions, which appear on the right hand side of the screen. Here’s a glossary which helps with the unfamiliar terms. Have a look and, if you find any particularly choice bits, post them in the Comments.

It’s easy to scorn this extreme legalism, but you must admit that it is most intriguing.


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