October 9, 2006

More Jesus Camp

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How much can I read and post about Jesus Camp, being that I haven’t seen the movie, and won’t be able to until October 20 when it comes to Philadelphia? Let’s find out…

(Above: a picture from the movie’s filming).

Here’s the best of what I’ve found so far:

  • Two great YouTube clips, featuring Levi and Rachel, two campers who are featured in the movie.
  • One fair interview with the filmmakers, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, and one excellent interview with the filmmakers and pastor Becky Fischer who runs “Kids on Fire,” the camp in question. (At the end of this interview, the critic can’t resist the temptation to turn “from film critic into theologian.” This will be something to look out for in reviews of the movie.)
  • I’m more interested in reviews and responses from the Christian community, rather than bloggers who find it “the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen” (I’ve encountered this numerous times already), so this Focus on the Family review and this response from Ted Haggard, the megapastor featured in the film, are intriguing.
  • By far the best thing I’ve yet read was this homeschooling flavored response, from Home Education Magazine. Pointing out that the “75% of homeschooled kids are Evangelical” statistic cited in the film is erroneous, the writer responds to criticisms about homeschooling, specifically how it is portrayed in Jesus Camp, and adds a number of significant criticisms of the film.

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