October 19, 2006

Cubs + Red Sox, and it gets through Buckner…

Filed under: baseball — ted @ 11:54 am

Yet another post about baseball uniforms — both inspired by Paul Lukas, who is an ESPN Page 2 columnist and one of my favorite bloggers.

In today’s ESPN “Uni Watch” column, Lukas published what may be his greatest column ever. It features this photo of Bill Buckner walking off the field after allowing Mookie Wilson’s ground ball to pass under his glove, through his legs, and into right field — thereby losing the 1986 World Series for the Red Sox:

As you can see, Buckner was wearing a Cubs batting glove under his mitt — thereby doubly-cursing his right hand, the very hand under which the ground ball passed. Buckner has played for the Cubs previously (we traded to the Sox in 1984), but he kept wearing this glove — it was obviously his “lucky glove.” Not so much. Read Lukas’s article for the full-treatment.

UPDATE: Paul Lukas was kind enough to stop by, and point out that I misspelled his name. My sincere apologies, Mr. Lukas!



  1. Hi, Edward. Thanks for all the kind words — much appreciated. But hey, please spell my surname correctly!

    Paul Lukas

    Comment by Paul Lukas — October 21, 2006 @ 2:24 pm

  2. What a disaster: I thoroughly apologize!

    The one time I didn’t cut and paste, and it bites me…

    Comment by edwardhenry — October 21, 2006 @ 5:39 pm

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