November 15, 2006

Russian Crabs

Filed under: ephemera — ted @ 11:41 am

An article in the London Times describes a hunting trip to Norway in which the author caught and ate a few of the giant Russian crabs that are populating Norway.

The monsters in question are red king crabs and, while they’re not likely to put an end to the human race, they’re certainly enough to give it a few nightmares. They have shells covered in evil spikes and chillingly complex, insect-like mouth parts, all blown up to outlandish proportions.

They look like something dreamt up by the special-effects department of a film studio specialising in gratuitously nasty horror B-movies, then rejected by the director as implausibly unpleasant. I have stared deep into their stick-mounted eyes from a distance of six inches, and all I saw there was a dumb, relentless malevolence.


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