November 15, 2006

Zune-Day: Welcome to the Social

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Today heralds the release of Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player. If you’ve been reading the Internet of late, you know about this. I thought I’d take the chance to sum up what I’ve been reading on the web today, and ridicule Microsoft in the process.

First, check out this hilarious photograph which was grabbed during a Zune installation:

I’ve seen it subtitled “groin shot,” and I think that’s great.

Endagaget tried to install the Zune’s software, and had all kinds of trouble. Also, they found that this picture was featured twice during their muliple attempts at installation:

Ugh. Crunchgear also had trouble, although Wired seems to have had a uneventful installation (they give the Zune an overall favorable review).

The Zune music store has an absurd pricing scheme which uses “points” instead of real dollars. The idea behind this, obviously, is for people to compare the 79 points it takes to but a Zune song to the 99 cent-per-song price in the iTunes store — despite the fact that 79 Zune points equals 98.75 cents.

On NBC’s the Today show, the hosts compared the Zune with the iPod: using a 4G iPod with a plain display (which wasn’t playing a song) and a Zune that was playing a video. Microsoft, of course, owns MSNBC, so the relationship here is a little sticky. Or the producer could have just been clueless.

Oh, and you know about Windows Vista, right? Microsoft’s first new operating system since 2001? The Zune won’t work on it


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