January 16, 2007

Blogging: Here and Elsewhere

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Just after the New Year, I started a new blog, with a slightly more focused approach. It’s a “reading log,” and I named it myrtias. Early in the process, I explained the name and outlined some hopes and plans

I’ll still be posting here, in shorter chunks with more uniformity, hopefully avoiding the problem of having an overlong review of Bertrand Russell’s essays next to some goofy comics I found online.

The reasons for this are numerous: I wanted to commit to a more serious, intellectually rewarding form of blogging, but I didn’t want this blog to be it, since I love sharing amusing bits of ephemera. I found myself not posting particularly silly bits, since I wanted to be more serious, but also not finding this space to be sufficiently focused for my scholarly pretensions. Now that I can make clear distinctions in purpose, I will hopefully feel more free and focused.

With this is mind, here’s how I’m hoping to divide the spoils:


  • videos, music, general web-ephemera
  • fascinating bits of data, scientific or otherwise
  • photos and comics
  • things humorous and clever
  • movie reviews and news
  • other general matters of culture
  • etc


  • book reviews
  • quotations from my non-web reading material
  • criticism and analysis of literature and literary matters
  • etc

I hope you keep reading “edwardhenry,” and dip into “myrtias” if that’s your thing. Thanks!

(Also, as you’ve surely noticed, I found a theme I like, and a nice header as well — which I can change whenever I have the hankering).


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