March 15, 2007

Conshohocken, Wissahickon, etc

Filed under: politics — ted @ 12:26 pm

Some idiotic legislators in Okalahoma are considering legislation that would declare English the “official language” of the state. Justifiably, the original residents are upset:

As Oklahoma observes its centennial year, the English-only issue points up divisions that persist more than a century after Indians were forcibly marched to the region and then endured a series of land grabs.

Many of Oklahoma’s 37 federally recognized tribes are fighting to save their languages and cultures from extinction years after the end of organized efforts to stamp them out.

Critics of the English-only Legislation point out that Oklahoma’s very name is formed from two Choctaw Indian words — “okla” and “homma” — that mean “red man.”

“If you go to English only, what are we going to call the state of Oklahoma?” said Terry Ragan, director of the Choctaw Nation’s language program. “Even town names in the state will have to be named differently.”


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