April 27, 2007

There and Back Again

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Must see graffiti, courtesy of Wooster Collective:

(click to see full sequence)


February 28, 2007


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This piece by Blu is marvelous:

Via Wooster Collective

You Showed Them

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Via Neatorama.

November 29, 2006

Ahmadinejad has a Posse

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Via Wooster Collective, seen on the streets of Tehran:

November 8, 2006

But do

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Via Wooster collective, spotted on MTA’s 5 train:

November 1, 2006


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Via Wooster Collective, the masking tape art of Melbourne’s Buff Diss:

October 13, 2006

Country Mural

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Via Wooster Collective:

October 11, 2006

String Man

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Great photo of creative graffitti found in London:

Via Flickr.

August 11, 2006

Two Lovely Photographs of Philadelphia Graffiti

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August 7, 2006

Nerd Alert

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Biggest news today in my world (and that of thousands of others who were surfing the web today) was Steve Jobs’s keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC 2006. This afternoon, I followed engadget’s liveblog with thinly veiled fanaticism, and — while there were no huge surprises and no new iPods — found the new Apple news to be exciting.

Besides the announcement of a new Mac Pro, the keynote was all about Mac OSX Leopard, which is supposed to premiere this Spring. It has a handful of sweet new features and updates, the best of which is certainly Time Machine, an application which works with an external storage device to automatically back up all your data, and even allows you to “browse through your entire system as it appeared on any date.” Coolness.

Stuff not relating to Apple:

Speaking of graffitti, this sweet piece can be seen in the city of Toronto, which was forward thinking enough to commission ten artists to paint Bell Utility boxes around the city.


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